BC Termite Control’s integrated pest management systems ensure safe, state-of-the-art application techniques.  Our Technicians are continually trained and up to date on new procedures & products available keeping Benton County Termite Control on the leading edge of technology. Customer satisfaction is always top priority.

Our annual termite inspection report includes an array of possible conducive situations that may promote infestation of termites, such as water leaks, clogged gutters, drainage issues, lack of moisture barriers or proper ventilation in crawl spaces and other potentially detrimental factors.


Superior Service-Expert Service at competitive prices.

We are locally owned.

We are environmental responsible–respecting your family and your home.

Safety matters: For your protection, Benton County Termite Control is licensed, Bonded and Insured.

We are proud members of the Bella Vista Business Association and National Builders Association.


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