Termite Solutions for Your Home and Business


Do I need to worry about termites?


We live in an area classified as having Heavy termite pressure by the US Forestry Service.

That is why preventive termite control is required in the building code by all municipalities in our area.

And termite protection is required by most lenders when you get a mortgage.

Are they termites or winged ants?

Swarming termites look similar to winged ants. Here are some key differences.


1. Straight antennae
2. Two pair of wings the same size & shape
3. Broad waist.
4. Short legs.

Flying Ants

1. Elbowed antennae
2. Two unequal pair of wings
3. Narrow waist
4. Long legs

Why choose Benton County Termite Control for your termite protection?

1. Termite treatment costs from our competitors for a typical home range from a few hundred dollars to over $2000.00! We believe in saving you as much as possible while using the same products and treatment methods as the expensive guys.
2. We recommend treatments that are effective at controlling and preventing termites. The treatment methods are less invasive and completely oderless. It has been used and trusted for over 17 years.
3. We have years of experience in termite control. We are 100% locally owned and operated.

  What does your guarantee cover?

It provides for any necessary re-treatments if termites return to your home.  It also covers any necessary repairs if termite damage occurs.  The Termite Contract is in effect for one year after treatment and is renewable annually.


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